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WZZM13: New TV show being filmed in West Michigan

“Let’s Help Her Win”- A reality TV show- focused on helping Grand Rapids area women take their business to the next level.


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich — A new TV show is currently being filmed in West Michigan, focused on empowering women that own small businesses. If you’re a fan of “Shark Tank” this show may spark your interest. Executive Producer, Kris Mathis says it started with a quick post to social media and it turned into something more, “One of the my goals for 2023 was to invest in women owned businesses… so I decided I wanted to share this publicly and shared it on social media and it just blew up…and our videographer Cam was like, what if you did this and assault or, you know, reality show concept.”

“Let’s Help Her Win” is a reality TV show, focused on helping Grand Rapids area women take their business to the next level.

“I’m a licensed esthetician,” said show contestant Samantha Reyna,” I just want to make a bigger change in the community… And I’m excited to just kind of get my business name out there.”

The plan is simple- 5 women will pitch to local investors for a chance to change their lives forever.

 “As a woman owned business, I know what it’s like to have an idea or have a business plan, that you want to get out into the universe that’s going to work to help other people,” said investor Stephanie Kolakowski.

The show will also make an impact behind the scenes as well, ” I feel like there’s not enough representation of women of color as directors and to be able to help other women of color with their businesses and get them opportunity to be seen heard and exposure. I think this is a great opportunity,” said director Shania Lee.

Everyone involved says they hope this idea will grow into something bigger over time.

“I want to see Grand Rapids embrace this initiative and create even more. I mean, we need more spaces and opportunities for all but women owned businesses in general,” said Kolakowski.

The team says the will have a private primer showing March 2nd, and they say it will tentatively be shown to the public the following week. They plan on broadcasting the program on WKTV and YouTube.

If you’d like to try out for season two you can find the directions here.

Watch the interview here.