AT 14 years old , she was CEO of Rejuvenation Shoes; today she is also a WBENC Certified Meijer Supplier


When Sierra Latrice Massey first put her vision to action, she was only 14 years old, launching Rejuvinations Shoes. 

With a supportive Mom by her side and mission to change the shoe industry our paths crossed here at Grow Hub GR/ Grow Business Today through our partnership with Meijer. 

One which involves empowering women owned suppliers to start down the path and achieve WBENC Certification. We were able to sit down with Sierra and learn more about her and her experience with the program. 

Name: Sierra Latrice Massey

Mission and Vision of Rejuvinations Shoes™: Our mission is to uplift young girls and women around the world through fashion. By providing quality, affordable, and stylish footwear in extended sizes allows young girls and women to feel included and worthy, through self expression. Our goal is to work hand and hand with many organizations to uplift women’s self-esteem across the globe. Every Woman deserves to feel and look BEAUTIFUL! and CONFIDENT! Regardless of what size, color, and or shape they are!

Year and Age when started your company: The dream came to me at the age of 14, to start a shoe line that would include extended sizes. I began my research and taking business classes while in High School. After graduating from High School I founded the business in 2011 at the age of 21.

Why WBENC Certification was important to you and your business: Receiving the WBENC Certification was important to me because it will give me the opportunity to meet amazing like minded women from all over. The relationships and bonds that will be formed will be invaluable.

Your thoughts on the Meijer and Grow Business Today Scholarship Partnership, what did it mean to you? : The Meijer and Grow Business Today Scholarship Partnership is absolutely a blessing! With them coming together gives a small minority business the opportunity to grow their business where as otherwise they would not be able to. The process was absolutely seamless with the Grow Business Today Team. I am so grateful!

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