We’re Open: Grow Hub GR


The pandemic certainly changed the way a lot of us carried out our day-to-day work, business and free time since March 2020.

More and more entrepreneurs may not need a brick and mortar space, but they still need help with something like business support services or perhaps a bit more structured work-space.

That’s where Grow Hub GR comes in. They’re a female and family owned and operated business that’s classified as a purpose driven incubator and community co-working space.

We talked to Stephanie Kolakowski who said she tapped into her own strengths and started Grow Hub GR to continue her passion of growth and connection.

Her husband Ed even has a work space there. He said it’s a great place for anyone who needs those services like marketing professionals or those who work with students. He said it’s also a way to make contacts with other business professionals and perhaps grow your own outreach to consumers.

It’s a work-space that welcomes entrepreneurs of all types and continues to grow. Grow Hub GR also offers education and financial tools for those seeking to expand their business.

It’s a safe space for working professionals and parking is free.


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